The enterprise world is changing, and the customer dynamic is also changing. Customers are changing and everyone is in a race to figure out why instead of just who or how. It‘s no longer okay just to understand how a company got from point A to point B. Enterprises are in a real-time competitive fight to know when customers buy something, where they buy, and what they are thinking before they ever walk into a store or visit a website. The power of big data, big data analytics, and an integrated business intelligence (BI) and big data analytics platform can help.

Various sources claim that 90 percent of the data that exists today is only two years old. And that data is growing fast. If 90 percent of all the data in the world was created in the past two years, what does that say about the data?

Many enterprises have multiple databases and multiple database vendors, with terabytes or even petabytes of data. Some of these systems accumulated data over 30 or 40 years. Many enterprises built entire data warehouse and analytic platforms off this old data. Large retail corporations, such as Wal-Mart, became billion-dollar companies long before big data. So, it wasn‘t data that drove their business.

Data as a service can drive a business, though. Think of Amazon, it was an online e-commerce product company. Now, people look at Amazon as a platform as a service, software as a service, big data as a service, and cloud data center company. Amazon built an incredible recommendation engine over the years from various open source technologies. Zynga, the Facebook gaming company that is known for hits like Farmville, used Amazon‘s cloud services to scale its own databases and analytics.

This workshop will teach you the necessary tools and techniques to exploit all the possibilities of Big data and Business Intelligence. The workshop will leverage on IBM Open Data Platform (ODP) and other related platform to explore the possibility of data in the fourth industrial revolution and society 5.0.


 • Enable participants to explore and review Big data technologies

• To design and develop Big Data Analytics solutions based on the common set of Apache Hadoop technologies

• The workshop will provide participants with an in-depth introduction to the main components of the Open Data Platform (ODP) core, namely Apache Hadoop (inclusive of HDFS, YARN, and

MapReduce) and Apache Ambari, as well as the main opensource components that are generally made available with the ODP core in a production Hadoop cluster

• The participants will also, be engaged with the various big data platforms (Horton works Data Platform, IBM What son, Apache Ambari, etc.) through interactive exercises, group project and laboratory session

• Gain hands-on experience with key components of various big data ecosystem and their roles in building a complete big data solution to support common business problems.

• Learning experience from this workshop will provide students with lifelong tools that can enable them to continue their big data exploration

TARGET AUDIENCE:Data Analyst and Security Professionals, Robotic Engineers, Software Designers, I.T Managers, Project Managers, Process Improvement Analyst/Engineers, Development Experts and Consultants,Technicians, Lecturers, Sales Managers/Representatives, IT Professionals and Project Office Staff Members and anyone interested in Data Management and Security from private to Public organisations.

The fee covers Lectures, Tea/Coffee Break and Lunch, all Course Materials. 

Accommodation is not included in the course fee.


For registration and payment, kindly log on to

For further information, kindly contact any of the programme coordinator:


Haruna Ahmed 08060678457 Or Sulaiman 07037170379 




Tuesday Nov 17, 2020 to Thursday Nov 19, 2020

NGN 80000.00 (Members)
NGN 85000 (Non-Members)


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This MCPD Programme is available for delivery as In-Plant/Onsite training Programme. Contact the Programme Coordinator, Mr. Sulaiman on 08098151310 to request a Special or Onsite Programme.

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