Training Objectives

   1.        Make meaning out of Big Data and reduce decision making risks 

         2.    Gain competitive advantage by mastering data analytics.

        3.      Optimize the use of resources, assets and stakeholder

    4.      Measure, closely monitor and predict factors affecting organization performance

          5.    Predict non financial variables that directly influence financial results 



1.                1.          Big data and its business implications

2.                2          Making Meaning out of Big Data: The role of CTO

3.       Using analytics for Competitive Advantage

4.       Using Big Data as a Predictive Enterprise Solutions tool

5.       Use of Big Data for CEM (Customer Experience Management)

6.       Managing organizational Revenue Performance  using ‘Big Data’

7.       Strategies for Delivering  More Relevant Mobile Experiences using Big Data

8.       The Pitfalls of Big Data and what to do about it

9.       Seven steps to making better decisions using big data

10.   What every organizations must do to profit from Big data

Closing Date: Registration Closes 25th September, 2018

Target Audience: I.T Staff, I.T Managers, and other Technical Staff

Tuesday Oct 9, 2018 to Thursday Oct 11, 2018

NGN 80000 (Members)
NGN 85000 (Non-Members)

Ibadan Business School,
Ibadan Business School, 65, Okediji Avenue, Old Bodija, Behind Davis Hotel, Bodija, Ibadan, IBADAN

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