CPN has submitted a Position Paper to the Senate on the proposed Nigeria Start-Up Bill 2021. In its position paper, Council lauded the idea behind the bill, but identified some sections of the proposed Bill that seem to undermine the statutory power of CPN.

In its recommendation, CPN requested for its inclusion in the composition of the National Council for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship as the only agency of Federal government with the statutory powers to control and supervise the Tech-enabled and Tech-driven start ups.

CPN also demanded the removal of the sections giving powers to NITDA to categorize, register and license Start Ups because it will amount to performing CPN‘s functions.

Also, CPN said it would organize and meet with CBN and SEC to collaborate on the registration of Start Ups since activities of startup are currently being monitored by the two agencies of government. Asking the Agencies to request for CPN license from any Tech-enabled and Tech-driven start ups in their Regulatory sandboxes.

Lastly, CPN said it would be within its place to organize and meet regularly with Start Ups in different hubs all over the country. They constitute a formidable force in the IT ecosystem that must be reckoned with.


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